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1st Age
No Dice rolling
The gods take turns Shaping Land each land must be named and 2 aspect added to the created land. At the end of the Age, the players may add an aspect to one or more lands other than the ones they created. Example Errol creates the Mudd Swamps with the Aspects of Deep Water and Mosquito infested. At the end of the age I could add the aspect of Heavy Mangrove trees. Any unnamed areas should be handed out to be named and aspects created. Anything left untouched is considered grasslands or plains. But they still need to be named and aspects created for them. If an area was missed whomever places the first creatures there has to name the location and give it at least 2 aspects.

2nd Age
Choose one of 3 races, alternately create a sub-race.

3rd Age

We added that each army carried an item that the conquering army would collect if they won. This too was a bit rediculious as the items granted were almost always unusable or didn’t really add anything to the world or campaign.

Main Page

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