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Welcome to the Dawn of Worlds

As the title states this will be our first run. My Hopes is to provide a stomping ground for a long lasting fantasy world of My players and my owns design. My hopes is that we can use this world for playing Warrior Rogue and Mage or whatever system we decide to play with.

Home Rules for the first run:

Avatars will be the basis of religion on this game world.
No one civilization or species can have more than 2 military advancements.
To eliminate a species or civilization the cost is double what it takes to create it.
Typical Fantasy races are normal cost to create, but unique or player created species
cost double. We usually do not play scenarios with "Typcial Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes etc "
So this is open to some interpretation, disputes will be voted on by the players. 6 armed 4 legged elves? sure maybe!.

First run of the game. I would have to say that the game has some major bumps that need to be addressed before I can honestly say that this works the way I had hoped. The Players did not use the ready made names I had printed. They had no clear idea of what the game was designed to do, even though I thought I had made it clear what the goal of the game was.


Naming places created seams to have been a huge hurdle I provided a list of fantasy names but these were used sparingly as most people seamed to prefer to leave places or lands unnamed or name then one, two, three etc. Not sure why this was such a problem. I could care less what something is called for the most part, I would rather not spend 30 minutes waiting for someone to name something.

There are no win scenarios, and each player seamed to be looking for a way for their creations to eventually win the game. Again, I am not sure why this is as I had stated this is not risk.

Advancing a Race or City does not advance all your creations. Telling them it only effected one race was an unpopular choice, but again I think this became an issue because the players were looking for the winning strategy to the game.

Dawn of Worlds First Run Page 1

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