Dawn of Worlds

DOW 2.0 Second attempt

2nd Time play testing

Phase 1 creating land mass went very well

Well the usage of 3×5 cards was very good for information gathering and allowing the placement of Land Aspects and Creatures. This allowed everyone to see what was created what the land was like and what lives there.

Phase 2 Create Creatures (Avatars)

Confusion was a problem. My rules and guidelines were not concise enough concerning the usage of Advantages, Avatars, and Aspects

I left out of the notes that an Aspect can be the name of a Race as long as everyone agrees to what is being envisioned when someone uses the name of a race as an Aspect. For example Brown Skin humans should be good enough as most people know what I am talking about if I say I create Brown Skin Humans. But if a person is asked to expand on that the creating player should be able to list some of the aspects of a given race. Aspects should also be written to be descriptive and less ambiguous, because others are eventually going to have to work with your creations and if I do not know what you meant by Republican, nazi, socialist stinging needle forests then I am probably not going to use them. After looking through the 3×5 card I am going to assume that it was a joke. Unless someone wants to let me know what they mean by that aspect of a cactus forest.

Avatars command ability is NOT meant as a means of performing abilities cheaply. The Command avatar ability allows a non-creation player to influence a race but is not otherwise the cheapest method of getting something done. But in the case of a player wanting to influence a race they did not create the avatar is the method to getting that done. An avatar maybe a whole new race of creature if an avatar is used to create a race the new race does not automatically have the abilities of the Avatar. Example if Boris the Avatar Giant has command earth (which causes great earth quakes and and raise hills). If I command Avatar to Create Race and create Earth Elemental the Race of earth Elementals do not automatically get the ability to command earth etc, although they could specialize in earth magic.

Any Aspect that gives a Race an advantages must be tempered with some Disadvantages. The human norm is considered average. So a race that is taller or bigger or more stout than an average human has an advantage etc. Like wise this does not count for Avatars, mountains or cities. But in that case of Avatars the Avatar is expected to have the advantages and disadvantages of the root race if one exists.

Avatars (notes)
Avatars are still causing some confusion to the group. I think in future endeavors I will attempt to narrow the focus of Avatar even more. Some ideas are to limit them to one or two abilities like just the command race ability?



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